Thursday July 17 2014
Ferrero: I agree with Mihajlovic

Massimo Ferraro has reassured that he ‘agrees with Sinisa Mihajlovic’ over strengthening the Sampdoria team, as he explains losing out on Walter Samuel.

Mihajlovic is speculated as seeking further assurances from the club’s new owner over transfer strategy, following a summer so far of relative inactivity.

In attending the latest meeting between club Presidents at the Lega Serie A offices today, Ferraro looked to cool such reports.

“I agree with Mihajlovic in reinforcing the squad,” Ferraro has told reporters today.

“When I arrived we signed De Silvestri, Cacciatore, then Fedato and Rizzo, now Duncan, whilst tomorrow there will be a surprise.

“We are not undertaking a market of apparitions, we see a great Samp and Mihajlovic is a great Coach and I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

“Few fans at the start of pre-season? I want to provide them with motivation, they have to believe in us, we will always try to improve.”

The club had been in continued talks with former Inter defender Walter Samuel, only for those to break down this week.

“He made a decision, I spent three days with him, he made a choice like Esteban Cambiasso did.

“He played for many years at Inter and did not want to go up against them.

“It is not a decision based on money, but on character - he had embraced the project but he was sincere and loyal, he is a fine person.

“He has a problem of the heart, and out of loyalty to Inter he does not want to play in Italy.”

Ferraro was asked about his intentions to perhaps take the club through a ‘corporate revolution’ behind the scenes.

“No, I have not fired anyone. Those who love me follow me. I say to the fans to stay calm - this is encouragement, I say to believe, and give more.

“Continuity is important, we have a project where we are creating a university, of excellence, we want to create a new Sampdoria of young players.

“We have great players and Mihajlovic. And a title? We are working.”