Sunday July 20 2014
Nedved: 'Only Allegri or Mancini'

Pavel Nedved confirms “there were only two candidates” for the Juventus bench: Max Allegri and Roberto Mancini.

Antonio Conte’s sudden departure two days into pre-season training, which Nedved put down to “fatigue,” forced Juventus to find a new Coach and they picked Massimiliano Allegri.

“We had to react very quickly after his resignation,” Juve director Nedved told Denik Sport in the Czech Republic.

“It was very tough, as we were sad to see him go, but there were only two candidates: Allegri and Mancini.

“Mancini had the option of becoming Italy Coach, so we reached an agreement with Allegri. He is a quality Coach and a winner.”

Conte has been heavily linked with the vacant Azzurri bench, so Mancini could well be left without a job anyway.

Nedved also revealed the reason Conte walked away was “fatigue. He was tired of everything. He’d already tried to resign in May, but we convinced him to think it over during the vacation.

“I absolutely understand where he’s coming from, as the way he performs his duties is exhausting. He’s a stickler and doesn’t miss a single detail.

“He works very intensively, so exhaustion was a natural result. We owe him so much, as in three years he won three Serie A titles.

“We will definitely miss him very much and it does weaken us, but we had to deal with the situation and we chose Allegri.”