Tuesday July 22 2014
Gaston Silva 'happy' with Torino move

Uruguay international Gaston Silva is “very happy and satisifed” with his transfer to Serie A side Torino.

The 20-year-old Defensor full-back completed the move to the Granata on Monday.

“I am very happy and satisfied with this move to Torino,” Gaston Silva told Fox Uruguay after signing a four-year contract.

“There are different sentiments I am feeling right one. On the one hand satisfaction to join an important Serie A club full of history.

“On the other, it is a shame I have to miss out on an historic Copa Libertadores semi-final with Defensor. I grew up at this club and it’s like a family to me.

“I will cheer on Defensor from Italy and find some way of watching the game. I will admit I shed a few tears, because this moment means a lot for me and the fans. That is the transfer market in football...

“I heard of the transfer on Thursday, when returning from Buenos Aires, as my mother called me. We immediately finalised the details.”