Saturday July 26 2014
Galliani hints at Milan-Conte deal

Adriano Galliani was asked about rumours Antonio Conte had a deal with Milan in May. “I plead the Fifth.”

The reports emerged after Conte suddenly terminated his contract with Juventus by mutual consent, making way for Massimiliano Allegri.

Conte’s friend told radio he had already agreed terms with the Rossoneri in May, but was talked into renewing his Juve contract.

“Is it true that before Pippo Inzaghi I wanted to bring Conte to Milan? I plead the Fifth,” replied Galliani when asked about this story.

The right to remain silent is not the answer La Gazzetta dello Sport was expecting, which adds further fuel to the fire of this rumour.

Meanwhile, Galliani also joked about Milan’s 3-0 defeat to Olympiacos in the Guinness International Champions Cup.

“It is still early days and other teams lost to amateur sides.”

This was a snipe at Allegri’s Juventus, who were defeated 3-2 by Lucento on Friday.