Monday July 28 2014
Genoa stand by Tavecchio

Genoa reaffirmed their support for FIGC candidate Carlo Tavecchio and confirmed a deal for Tomas Rincon.

President Enrico Preziosi spoke to Sky Sport Italia and was asked whether he still backed Tavecchio despite a racism row.

“Not only have we not changed our position, we reiterate our full support for Tavecchio. Enough of all this criticism of Tavecchio.

“We have seen politicians who have said and done worse things, but they stayed in their place. Tavecchio already apologised for an unfortunate phrase, but facts really count and he cannot be considered a racist.”

Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Cesena have withdrawn their support, but Preziosi insisted that was not true.

“I just spoke to the Cesena President and he confirmed to me that he was voting Tavecchio. The Lega Serie A chose a candidate and we are backing him.

“We chose Tavecchio as a group on Thursday and the fact his phrase is being used as an excuse not to vote for him is absurd. He apologised a hundred times.”

Preziosi also confirmed the rumours Genoa have secured a deal for 26-year-old Venezuelan midfielder Rincon, who is a free agent after his contract with Hamburg expired.

“We are on the right track and negotiations are at an advanced stage,” he said with a smirk.