Friday August 1 2014
Tavecchio 'support is waning'

CONI President Giovanni Malagò and Torino chief Urbano Cairo show “Serie A split in two” over Carlo Tavecchio.

The FIGC Presidential election is on August 11, but Tavecchio is refusing to step aside despite the fall-out from his racist comment.

Today both Tavecchio and his rival Demetrio Albertini met with CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) President Malagò.

Also present were Lazio patron Claudio Lotito (a Tavecchio supporter) and President of the Coaches’ Association Renzo Ulivieri (backing Albertini).

“Tavecchio reiterated his apology, but the phrase about bananas is unacceptable,” said Malagò.

“For the moment he does not seem prepared to take a step back, but there could be developments from here until August 11.

“Could the CONI take over running the FIGC? Only if the two candidates pull out or if the Leagues were to not kick off.”

According to the Corriere della Sera, there is a proposal to have Albertini as President with Tavecchio and Lega Pro chief Mario Macalli as his vice-Presidents, but it does not have strong support.

Torino President Cairo warned that Tavecchio – who before his comment a week ago had the support of 18 out of 20 Serie A clubs – is losing ground fast.

“I can see his support waning,” Cairo told Radio 24. “We withdrew our support and many other clubs have followed, already eight or nine in Serie A. The Lega is therefore no longer united, as it’s split in two and that has to be taken into account.”

Nonetheless, Tavecchio could be elected anyway, as the LND (amateur League), Serie B, Lega Pro and half of Serie A still vote in his favour.

“It’s not right that the support of the LND and Lega Pro can be enough to elect a President. This has to be reformed as soon as possible.”

Albertini is backed by the other half of Serie A, the Players’ Association and the Coaches’ Association.

“The Presidents of the clubs have to vote,” said the former Milan and Barcelona player. “Everyone has to take responsibility for their own choices.”