Friday August 1 2014
Juve, Napoli and Roma co-efficients

Napoli are set to be third seeds if they pass the Champions League preliminary round, but Roma risk fourth.

There are three Serie A participants in the tournament this season – Juventus, Roma and Napoli (pending their qualification through the preliminary round).

UEFA released their current co-efficients, which calculate results over the last five years, ahead of the draw on August 28.

Juventus will be firmly second seeds in the Group phase draw, while Napoli are heading for third seed status if they qualify.

Roma are hanging in the balance between third and fourth seed groups, as they are currently 21st out of the 22 certain entrants.

Another 10 teams will be added from the preliminary rounds and their co-efficient will determine Roma’s position.

Juve are ninth out of 22 in the co-efficient, while Napoli would be 17th ahead of Liverpool.

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