Monday August 4 2014
Tardelli backs Tavecchio

Italy’s 1982 World Cup hero Marco Tardelli believes there is a media conspiracy against FIGC candidate Carlo Tavecchio.

The leader of the amateur game on the peninsula was seen as one of the favourites to take over the Football Federation, but two weeks ago outraged many by uttering a racist remark.

Demetrio Albertini has since been backed by several teams to take over from Giancarlo Abete, but the former Republic of Ireland assistant has claimed that the Press are against Tavecchio.

“I think the media are shocking,” he told ANSA. “[Carlo] is under attack.

“I think there is an injustice. There is an election coming up and we should just wait and see what happens.

“I do not like this approach. Clearly there is something behind [the media’s attack].

“I’m not saying this because I think I can work under Tavecchio.

“I think he’s done important things with the NDL and could continue along the same lines with the FIGC.

“We should try and get to the election with as few words as possible. We need to wait and see who wins and then evaluate their work.

“After a lot of experience, I believe that Tavecchio is a good candidate.”