Saturday August 9 2014
Preziosi fury at FIGC election

Genoa President Enrico Preziosi slammed those “trying to change the rules two days” before the FIGC election.

The new President of the Federation is meant to be elected on Monday, but nine Serie A clubs signed an open letter asking both candidates Carlo Tavecchio and Demetrio Albertini to step aside.

Those clubs were Juventus, Roma, Fiorentina, Empoli, Torino, Cagliari, Cesena, Sassuolo and Sampdoria.

“Trying to change the rules two days before the election means trying to win by stacking the deck in a vain attempt to damage democracy,” blasted Genoa chief Preziosi.

“What was the need to change the cards on the table when a document had already been signed by 18 clubs pledging to support Tavecchio and his innovative plans?”

That pledge was made before Tavecchio’s racist comments that prompted many calls for him to withdraw his candidacy.

The Government hinted it was not happy with the idea of Tavecchio taking over the Federation after those comments, but could not act because FIFA would consider that interference with an independent sporting institution.

If no President is elected on Monday, it’s likely the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) will put the FIGC under administration to pass much-needed reforms.

It’s also a problem because Italy cannot choose a new Coach to replace Cesare Prandelli until it has a new Federation chief.