Sunday August 10 2014
Tavecchio election 'personal interests'

Players’ Association President Damiano Tommasi blasted “personal interests” for the imminent election of Carlo Tavecchio.

It now seems inevitable Tavecchio will win tomorrow’s vote as President of the FIGC, despite making racist comments that shocked within and outside Italy.

“Unfortunately these things cannot be controlled,” shrugged an irritated Tommasi.

“We knew that when the candidates were put forward Tavecchio would very probably be elected President of the FIGC.

“I won’t judge their choices. Evidently in their minds he is the right person for the job.”

The Lega Serie B, Lega Pro and LND are all behind Tavecchio, while only eight Serie A clubs – Juventus, Roma, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Torino, Sassuolo, Empoli and Cagliari – are against.

Cesena had also signed the pledge not to vote for Tavecchio, but back-tracked on that this afternoon.

The Players’ Association, Coaches’ Association and Referees’ Association all support candidate Demetrio Albertini, but their votes are not enough to sway the election.

“Often personal interests prevail, what small groups want rather than the overall sporting project. That’s what should be at the centre of everything, but it hasn’t been central so far and it’s unlikely to be in future.

“The backing for Tavecchio was decided before he had even presented his programme. Unfortunately people don’t think about what is good for the Federation, but what is good for them.”