Tuesday August 12 2014
De Sanctis: We can win Scudetto

Morgan De Sanctis says that Roma at this moment have a squad capable of battling on three fronts and going for the Scudetto.

The Giallorossi face expectancy heading into the new season that they can mount a sustained bid for the League title, following a positive second-place finished in 2013-14.

“It is a pleasure to have this responsibility,” De Sanctis has considered today, from the team’s pre-season training camp in Bad Waltersdorf, Austria.

“I share the opinion expressed by some of my teammates, that everything is taken from what is shown in the field, not only on Sundays but during training in preparation for every occasion upcoming.

“It takes an important collective effort, topped off with great humility. Up until this moment now, the club has done a great job.

“We will see what will happen between now and September 2 - it is likely that there will be some changes. But the team, as it is built, can afford to do well in the three competitions that Roma face this season.

“The Scudetto? I share in this dream, but not related to Roma, but in reference to myself and Totti, who are finishing our careers.

“We know that we cannot play forever and to close in such beauty is one of our goals. We have experienced players and are ready for it, whilst the club has imposed itself from a technical point of view.

“I think the fans can rest assured, Roma will have a future that will be increasingly competitive. It would also be desirable not to come across another team that picks up over 100 points in the season.”

On last season’s gap to Juventus, De Sanctis was asked how Roma can improve next year.

“We will have six more games in December, which could be a very small number, but could also create a loss of energy due to the opponents that we will have to face.

“The club has had to enlarge the squad both in quantity and quality, and I think a lot about the attitude of a team.

“The mentality is built day after day, everything will be useful for when we face difficulties during the season. I am very optimistic and ambitious, I think we will do well - I repeat, we need humility and sacrifice in order to win.

“Juventus? They remain the strongest because not much has changed. They remain a squad that won 102 points last season in the League, even if they did not do well in the Champions League.

“I do not believe that the change in Coach will affect them, I know many Juventus players and in the end they are the ones who take to the field.

“Of course it is difficult to repeat 102 points, but the field will decide. We will make the greatest effort possible and we have the desire, anxiety and enthusiasm to go into the championship.”

De Sanctis was asked for his view on yesterday’s FIGC presidential elections. Carlo Tavecchio was voted in, as a candidate Roma did not support.

“My idea ahead of the election was that Albertini could be the ideal solution. His candidacy unfortunately did not receive the 50 per cent+1 of the votes that he needed and Tavecchio has won.

“The best hope is that the latter, over the next two-and-a-half years can do things as a carrier for change. I hope he can do well, whilst we will be free to judge positively or negatively what he will do.

“Roma’s role in Italian football? I think you can see what we are doing. The Americans are doing something positive. I hope that Italy is not an obstacle to this. I very much hope that our football system realises that Roma are a great opportunity and an example to be followed to improve Italian football.”

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