Friday August 15 2014
Gomez has Rossi ‘feeling’

Mario Gomez senses a ‘feeling’ with Giuseppe Rossi, a ‘duty’ for Fiorentina to aim for the Champions League and optimism for Marko Marin.

La Viola head into the 2014-15 season with particular excitement on the potential strike partnership between Gomez and Rossi develop, after a first season interrupted by injury to both.

For the German, signs from pre-season work together are positive, even if his current priority is something else.

“There is a feeling. Rossi is a phenomenon. He brings quality and enjoyment,” Gomez has told the Gazzetta dello Sport today.

“I, however, am still looking for my top shape. After seven months of problems it has not been easy to move on.

“At this moment I am thinking more about finding the right legs than about goals.”

Gomez is set to welcome fellow Germany international Marko Marin to Florence, once formalities on a loan move from Chelsea are complete.

“Over the past three years I have seen little of him, he has been playing in England and Spain. But I remember well the Marin who I first came across in the national team.

“He is fast with the ball and is deadly in one-on-one situations. Fiorentina have made a good choice.”

Marin could be seen as a potential replacement for Juan Cuadrado.

“Is he nervous or sad about a potential exit? It’s not true.

“I hope that he remains, he is someone who makes a difference.”

One former teammate in Lazio’s Miroslav Klose has announced his retirement from international football this week.

“Leaving the national team is a real legend. And I am sorry. With Klose we were always rivals, but also friends. Always.

“He is a kind man and a great scorer. He will continue to score a lot with Lazio. When I was fit I was also a starter alongside Klose. And I’m working to get back to that level.”

Gomez considered where Fiorentina’s ambitions for the coming season lie.

“Della Valle is right to say that at the start only Juve, Roma and Napoli have something more. Fiorentina have a duty to think towards the Champions League.”