Friday August 15 2014
Italy to pay Conte €4.1m a year

Antonio Conte’s Italy contract reportedly has a basic salary of €4.1m, which with bonuses could rise to €4.6m.

The 45-year-old was yesterday evening confirmed as the Azzurri’s new CT, to replace Cesare Prandelli following his resignation after a disastrous 2014 World Cup campaign.

On from reports on various bonuses included in his contract and speculation on national team sponsors Puma co-funding his salary, details on Conte’s agreement are reportedly out.

It is understood that the former Juventus man’s basic salary for the two years will sit at €4.1m, split between a €1.7m annual net payment from the Italian Football Federation, to match that Prandelli was on, and €2.5m net per year from Puma.

Taking his salary just above that he was understood to be on in his final year with Juventus, Conte reportedly also has a series of bonuses included that could amount to a further €500,000 payment.

These reportedly include qualifying Italy to the European Championships of 2016, reaching the final of that tournament in France and increasing La Nazionale’s world rankings by five or more positions.