Tuesday August 19 2014
‘Conte the best Coach in Europe’

Carlo Tavecchio has introduced Antonio Conte as Italy’s CT, dismissing controversy over Puma’s involvement in his contract.

The multinational sports brand are reportedly funding a majority share of the 45-year-old’s contract to come in as Azzurri Coach.

This morning, that deal was made official, at the former Juventus man’s presentation, with an introduction from the Italian Football Federation’s newly-elected President.

“Thank you all for being here and we will straight away sign the contract in front of the Press,” Tavecchio began, as Conte then made official his two-year contract with a signature. “The marriage is done.

“After my first phone call with Conte, the situation was still unclear, but I could not but insist to create this relationship with one of the best technicians around in Europe.

“After the second and third phone calls, I had the certainty that Conte would accept this challenge. Then the operation was complete with a virtual handshake.

“We could not but choose excellence to emerge from the difficult time the national team experienced in Brazil.

“This is a challenge for us that we are facing with football and with sport in Italy. We need a commander, a leader. We needed to give the baton to a leader who feels the shiver down his spine when the national anthem plays.”

Tavecchio addressed attention on Puma’s potential involvement with Italy.

“There has been some controversy in recent days regarding our choice. The fee for the best Coach in Europe will be compensated by our sponsors, whilst the FIGC holds 100 per cent image rights on Antonio.

“For those who fear catastrophe, the great personality of this Coach will not be assisted. The keys are in Conte’s hand, with the utmost confidence.

“It is needless to hide the fact that we have a preferential relationship with Puma, they have invested in this situation with their product. In real business you have to give in order to receive, business is never done alone.

“We want to have the national team at the centre of everything. This is an innovative deal, made in collaboration with the Federal Council. It was done in three days.

“The necessity was there to not allow this train to pass, because it does not pass by many times. For us and for Conte.

“I thank Conte for his sincerity and opening in the relationship. I insisted, and I’m glad that I did.”