Monday August 25 2014
Zeman: We must always attack

Zdenek Zeman has made clear his philosophy at Cagliari following their first competitive win of the season.

The Sardinians defeated Catania 2-0 in the third round of the Coppa Italia on Sunday evening and whilst positive for the result, their new Coach felt they eased off the gas too soon.

“The team has improved since the friendlies played,” Zeman began to reporters after.

“The players went into the field convinced, but we dropped in intensity once we had secured the result, which I do not like.

“We stopped too soon after the two goals and I do not like this because the team should have kept attacking rather than thinking about control. We have to play for 90 minutes.

“[But] it was reasonable to think that with two goals in the opening game, we might want to stop there.

“Let’s say we did pretty well, particularly in the first half-hour of play and then, with the double advantage, we managed our fatigue without incurring great danger to our goal.

“We must now try to maintain the same attitude for the duration of the match and we still need to polish some inaccuracies.

“Things should be done a lot simpler, because we sometimes play inside with difficult play, instead of simpler play without holding on to the ball too much or looking for an exchange with a teammate.”