Thursday August 28 2014
Official: Del Piero to Delhi Dynamos

Alessandro Del Piero confirmed he signed for Delhi Dynamos and is “an ambassador of the new Indian Super League.”

The ex-Juventus legend was a free agent after leaving Sydney FC and considered several different options, including Hungarian club Honved.

However, last night the reports emerged of a deal with Delhi Dynamos and Del Piero confirmed them this evening via Twitter.

“I’m pleased to announce that as of today I am a Delhi Dynamos player and ambassador of the new Indian Super League,” wrote Del Piero.

“I’ll be a a member of the team that will participate in new Indian football championship and being the ambassador of the League I will have the honour and responsibility to spread and make growing the image and  popularity of football in this country,” he added on

“This new, very enthusiastic for me adventure, fits perfectly well the way I chose since the time I left Juventus, three summers ago.

“I’ve never wanted to go back to the paths I’ve already walked, I’ve never looked for emotions I’ve already experienced, those are unique and will remain unique and special forever.

“I’ve always looked for something different, I feel myself a "traveler on the roads of football", for me, the pitch isn't the only thing that counts. What surrounds it counts as well.

“And above all what is important is the possibility to bring together the professional aspect and the role of "football ambassador", a chance to proudly represent in the world this wonderful sport, that has become a fundamental part of my life since the day I was born.

“That's why I went to Australia. That's why I'm happy with the results obtained by Australian football in the two years I was there, and with everything that country gave to me. 

“And that's why I'm going to India. Another stopover during this fantastic journey. New championship, Indian Super League, a new team, the Dynamos Delhi, new fans, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of new people to meet and hopefully to "conquer", running after the ball and not only.

“Next stop: India. I'm coming.

“See you soon in New Delhi.