Sunday September 14 2014
Donadoni 'angry' at referee

Roberto Donadoni was “angry” at mistakes from Parma players and the referee in a 5-4 defeat to Milan.

“We were always chasing the result, so clearly spaces open up for a player like Menez,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“We were naive in two or three occasions and conceded goals more due to our errors than the quality of our opponents.

“Milan did not outclass us tonight and this game must make us even prouder of what we can achieve when we put our minds to it. We only made a few individual errors, as did the referee.

“I would like for certain incidents to be commented on, as they can change the course of a game. It looked as if Felipe did absolutely nothing and when fighting back for the result this red card undoubtedly penalised us.

“If we also look at Felipe’s first yellow card, I honestly don’t realise how a referee can make such a big mistake. It’s incredible, not just for us, but for anyone in this sport. To see that many errors in one game really gets you angry.

“It is different when there are 12 players in the box, as this was in midfield with only two there right in front of the referee, so it was just an issue of watching and evaluating.

“As for the penalty, you can see he clearly dived when he got into the box, but for a referee that’s a tougher decision because of the way the move developed. If it was considered a clear scoring opportunity, I acknowledge it could’ve been a red card, but the fact remains it wasn’t a penalty.

“The same goes for Bonera’s handball which was a matter of centimetres in or out of the box. That’s incredibly difficult to judge and I don’t complain about that.”

Algeria international Ishak Belfodil seemed particularly lost on Parma’s left flank, where most of Milan’s dangerous crosses came from.

“We know Ishak likes space to run forward, but here he often found himself chasing Abate. The first goal was also an accident, as it bounced off Ishak to set up Milan. Of course he can do better and has done better, but we need to give him time and help.”

Parma have no points after two Serie A rounds, a far cry from last year’s Europa League push.

“I am sure we can still have a season at a good level. We were missing players like Paletta, Cassani and Biabiany tonight, which weighs on our squad. We must use this night to play with even more determination next week.”