Sunday October 5 2014
Garcia: 'Ref and Roma's fault'

Rudi Garcia criticised the referee, but ultimately confessed Roma “lost through our own fault” against Juventus.

“That is not important,” shrugged Garcia when asked about his red card for the violin gesture in a 3-2 defeat.

“I prefer to talk about the game, as there were so many incidents, but we lost through our own fault as we didn’t score two great chances and conceded on two set plays,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“It’s just a shame that in Turin they make the penalty area slightly larger... I really think it was possible to do better, not just in terms of the result, but the performance. Both these teams can play much better football.”

There were two red cards at the end, as Manolas reacted angrily to an Alvaro Morata sliding tackle.

“It was a little too tense, but usually the referee controls that. The bad thing for us is that Morata’s very dangerous tackle saw Manolas react. He should not try to be a vigilante.

“In the first half we lost the ball too many times. This was a physical match and we had to be ready for that. I still think we did enough to win, looking at the chances with Gervinho and especially Pjanic.

“If we hadn’t conceded two minutes into injury time at the break, then that might’ve changed the whole game.

“We had prepared to press harder in the second half and use more of our technique, which we did.”

There were several controversial decisions, as even with video replays it’s not entirely clear whether Douglas Maicon’s handling offence and the tackle on Paul Pogba were inside the box.

“On the referee I can say it is time we help the referees. Phantom goals and knowing whether a foul is inside or outside the box can be decided using technology and it’s time we help the officials,” argued Garcia.

“Technology would be able to give you measurements to the centimetre, in or out, as we are in the 21st Century now. When you saw Maicon from above in the stands, you could tell the ball was outside the box.”

The Roma Coach was shown the footage, which even with technology was not 100 per cent clear.

“At the end, we lost. That’s all that matters. I know it is down to the referee’s discretion, but the problem is that all three of them went the same way.”