Tuesday October 21 2014
Guardiola: 'Gap not that big'

Pep Guardiola insisted 7-1 “is not such a huge gap between” Bayern Munich and Roma. “We have to improve.”

When the Coach spoke to Sky Sport Italia, the pundits asked if his style was similar to that of the 1970s Total Football in Holland.

“It seems a bit exaggerated! We found an early goal with Arjen that calmed us, then we pressed Roma to keep hold of the ball. We do it because we want the ball, not to irritate our opponents.

“We like to hold the ball and then probe to find where we can break through. We will see in two weeks in Munich that there is not such a huge gap between the teams.

“In 20 minutes Roma had three or four clear scoring opportunities and therefore we have to improve, so we’ll talk things over.

“Manchester City drew their game in Moscow, so Roma remain second, it’s still only in October.”

Bayern Munich have changed their approach this season and Guardiola gave Xabi Alonso the credit.

“Xabi Alonso has given us more mental speed in midfield. We were quick in attack, but it was slower in the build-up, so now we have players who take a second less to make their decisions.”

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