Tuesday October 28 2014
Hernanes: This is Thohir’s home

Hernanes has rushed to Inter President Erick Thohir’s defence after recent criticism following poor results and Massimo Moratti’s resignation.

The club has come under scrutiny for both in recent weeks, but Hernanes has backed his side’s Indonesian President.

“We know that there aren’t many Inter fans in the Press, because they are always talking about crisis,” the Brazilian defiantly began in a Press conference intended to promote the Expo 2015 in Milan.

“Thohir has showed that he is a great person and he doesn’t fold under pressure when hearing rumours from TV or papers.

“This is his home and he does what he wants. We don’t really care about what they say. I am only happy that Thohir showed that he’s got faith in the players and Coach.”

Inter won at Cesena by the slightest margin at the weekend, through a penalty from Mauro Icardi.

This result came after failing to win in three consecutive games in Serie A and for Hernanes, it’s certainly now a step in the right direction.

“I think that the worst moment is behind us now. The moment where we were feeling that we were hanging in the balance is past.

“As far as I can see, it was the perfect opportunity to show that we could handle the situation.

“Obviously we can still improve in terms of managing different moments of the game. We need to understand better when we can start an attack or not. In the end against Cesena it seemed like we didn’t win but we created that feeling.

“In fact, when playing 11 against 11, we always kept the ball and took the initiative. After scoring and playing 11 against 10 we started to create lots of chances. In that moment we were not trying to keep the score, but rather we were trying to win.

“Generally speaking, I think that the potential is there, but the team has been reassembled only three months ago.

“I’ve heard people talk about style, maybe they compare us to Barcelona or Bayern Munich, where players have been together for years. We are a new team and we are growing.

“It’s not about first touches and keeping ball possession. What makes the difference is to know when you have to keep the ball or pass it.

“The problem is within the solution, that is within goals. We have our style. We don’t want to copy Fiorentina or others. We just need to make the most of my and Mateo [Kovacic]’s qualities.”

Inter face Sampdoria tomorrow night and Hernanes is aware that his team is in for a hard shift against the side led by Sinisa Mihajlovic, who also makes for an interesting yardstick for the midfielder.

“Sampdoria have been doing great since last season. It will be difficult to win but I also know that teams tend to play the game of their lives against us. We’ve understood that we also have to play like that.

“It’s impossible to compare me with [Sinisa] Mihajlovic. I am just too behind in terms of goals.”

Finally, the ‘Prophet’ had also something in store for Inter supporters who are still dreaming about the treble season.

 “We don’t have to regret the past, which rather has to be our glory because our future can be a glorious one too. We should forget about the past, be patient and support the team.”