Friday October 31 2014
Allegri hits back at critics

Massimiliano Allegri has hit back at criticism that his Juventus side is less hungry than under Antonio Conte.

Former Juve player Alessandro Birindelli has been among those to have criticised the current Coach’s men by suggesting that they have not shown the same desire to win as they did under Conte.

Allegri, however, was in no mood to answer questions about his team’s motivation.

“I’m not going to respond [to the criticism],” the Juventus Coach told his Press conference ahead of a visit to Empoli.

“It’s all talk, which then becomes pub talk. I respect writers and their opinions, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree.

“Until at least tomorrow evening we’re leading the Championship. We’re still fighting for the Champions League. We’re still on course for all our goals.

“Little by little we’ll see where we end up. I believe this Juventus has come a long way, and we’ll do well to come through this week where we’ve faced two tough away trips.

“The week before Roma dropped points in Genoa against Sampdoria, and unfortunately we dropped points in Genoa this week, against Genoa.

“However, at the moment we’re top, and I don’t think the numbers are quite as unforgiving as some people would have us believe. We’ve got what, three points less than last year?”

A journalist pointed out they have the same as last year.

“Oh, ok the same then…”

Allegri also denied that the Bianconeri’s draw against Sassuolo and losing a late goal to Genoa were also signs of a lack of character.

“It’s not a lack of heart that’s to blame for us not closing games out. I’d say that the other day in Genoa the team gave a great response, enough to win the game.

“Unfortunately we managed to lose it 30 seconds from the end.

“But the worst game we’ve played this year was [a win] against Palermo at home, where we created less except for at the end of the game.

“In other matches we’ve had great chances and given away very little. Perhaps the midfielders are scoring less, but the strikers have scored more.

“To win the title, here are the figures - you need to score 60-70 goals and concede as few as possible.

“The top teams get 60-65 goals. It’s normal that the less you concede the better your chances are of winning the title.

“So far we’re doing ok in terms of numbers.

“It’s normal that if you’re Juve and you draw in Sassuolo and lose to Genoa you’ll be criticised.

“There may well be some constructive criticism, which I accept and it’s definitely an incentive for me and all the players to do better.

“So far the lads have done their duty, and at the same time we still have room to improve because there are various players who aren’t in top condition for reasons we’re all aware of.”