Monday November 10 2014
Taci to take over at Parma?

Albanian oil tycoon Rezart Taci is reportedly in talks over buying out Tommaso Ghirardi at Serie A club Parma.

According to Tv Parma, negotiations between Taci and Ghirardi are considered to be at a good point after a believed meeting last week at Ghirardi’s headquarters in Carpenedolo.

A Russian partner is rumoured to be ready to join Taci in the deal, but his name remains undisclosed at the moment.

Parma’s failure to obtain a UEFA licence and therefore entry into the Europa League at the end of last season saw Ghirardi declare his interest in selling up his stake in the Ducali, before he announced in September that he had reversed that decision.

Taci’s apparent bid is not his first involvement with Italian football. In 2009 the CEO of Taci Oil tried to acquire 80 pf Bologna, before diverting his attention on Milan.

Throughout the 2011-12 season, Taci Oil was one of Milan’s sponsors, while in 2012 the Court of Tirana sequestered real estate and bank accounts of his company Armo and declared him in debt of €75m to the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

Finally, in September this year rumours had it that the Albanian had submitted an offer to Enrico Preziosi to buy out Genoa but that deal didn’t materialise.

However, Tuttomercatoweb are running a short quote from Ghirardi on these rumours he is preparing to sell up: "Everything is false. Enough of this nonsense."