Monday November 24 2014
‘I tried signing Balotelli, but…’

Carlo Ancelotti has explained how he now feels more ‘cosmopolitan’ as a Coach, and reveals he did try to sign Mario Balotelli.

The Italian tactician spoke to La Repubblica on a number of issues today, including Liverpool and Italy’s out-of-form striker.

“He has to find a place to feel at ease,” Ancelotti has considered on Balotelli.

“Sooner or later he will succeed, but it depends on him - heaven helps those who help themselves.

“Would I sign him? I was trying to at Paris Saint-Germain. He was coming off the back of an impressive European Championship.

“Then the opportunity for Ibrahimovic presented itself and we went more on the safe side.”

Ancelotti has had spells working in the Premier League, Ligue 1 and La Liga since leaving his post at Milan in 2009.

“As a person I have not changed - I have the same ideas and the same values.

“The difference is that I feel cosmopolitan. And even multilingual! I speak four languages, so my Italian is deteriorating.

“The experiences in London, Paris and Madrid have been invaluable. Then, as a Coach I am less anxious, more international.

“Tactics? The evolution has developed with the need to coexist players of great technical quality, adapting them to a system of play.

“My mistakes? I did not want Baggio at Parma and then at Juventus I did not notice that Henry was not a winger.

“The highest level of confidence I have reached with a player was with Gattuso. Rino was like a brother, even though I was his Coach. I confided in him things I have never told anyone else.”