Saturday December 13 2014
Immobile: 'I'll knock Juve out'

Borussia Dortmund forward Ciro Immobile hopes to eliminate his old club Juventus in the Champions League semi-final.

The striker grew up in the Juve youth academy and was co-owned by Torino when he moved to Germany over the summer.

“Could we pick Juventus in the draw for the Round of 16? I’d prefer not, as I hope we’ll meet further along the line,” Immobile told Tuttosport.

“We do not fear anyone, but having grown up at Juve I hope the Bianconeri go as far as possible. It would also be important for Italian football.

“In all honesty, I’d hope to meet Buffon and the others later in the competition, not right away in the second round.”

Despite spending more time at Juventus, the Italy international is fonder of Torino and confessed to struggling with the Internet to watch Toro’s latest game with FC Copenhagen live.

“It would be wonderful for Torino to go as far in the Europa League as possible. I am a Granata at heart and therefore hope it is my Borussia Dortmund that eliminates Juve from the Champions League.

“The ultimate would be to face them in the semi-final. I also hope the Bianconeri don’t come up against Bayern Munich in the next round...

“As for Borussia, we don’t fear anyone, but just for the environment we’d prefer to avoid a trip to Ukraine against Shakhtar Donetsk.”

Immobile has been linked with a return to Serie A, but told German newspaper Bild that it was not on the cards.

“I won’t move in January and I am sure that soon my moment will come. When you don’t play or expect to play more, it’s normal to think about the transfer market. That’s how modern football works. But it’s not in my case.

“I am confident that I’m the same player Zorc and Klopp wanted so strongly just seven months ago. I signed a long contract with Borussia Dortmund and everyone said the first few months would be difficult, so I am not worried and not thinking about the market.”