Wednesday January 21 2015
Gervinho sent off in Africa Cup

Roma striker Gervinho struck an opponent and was sent off in the Ivory Coast’s African Cup of Nations draw with Guinea.

The Giallorosso revelation left his team to fend for the Scudetto without his runs, but may be coming back early if his tantrum ends up compromising the Elephants' qualification.

The 1-1 draw yesterday evening with Guinea saw Gervinho hit out at an adversary with an open-hand strike, following that same player’s challenge on the former Arsenal man.

Following the referee showing him a red card, Gervinho threw himself to the ground shouting, and pounded it with his fists.

Disciplinary action is now due, with a possible match-ban that could see him skipping up to three games.

Should the Ivory Coast fail to qualify for the next round, Gervinho would return to Roma and may be available as early as for the Empoli game on January 31.