Wednesday January 28 2015
Galliani: ‘Destro decision tomorrow’

Adriano Galliani says Roma striker Mattia Destro ‘will decide tomorrow morning’ whether to sign for Milan or not.

The joint-CEO of the Rossoneri enjoyed a busy day coming down to Rome and discussing contract details with the 23-year-old, who was seen as initially not convinced by the prospect of a loan deal with an optional rather than compulsory purchase clause.

Emerging from his second meeting of the day with Destro, though, Galliani has deferred further developments until Thursday.

“The lad knows everything, now he must decide,” the Vice-President has told reporters outside.

“He will give us his answer tomorrow morning. I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic.

“It's something that took him a little bit by surprise. He'll think it over for a night, and that's only fair.”

Nonetheless Galliani was firm in the purchase clause being optional rather than compulsory, suggesting that no compromise was reached on those grounds.

“We have always spoken about a loan with an option to buy.

“As for offering guarantees for the club's solidity, everybody knows what Milan is.”