Tuesday February 3 2015
Mancini defends Icardi

Roberto Mancini has defended striker Mauro Icardi, but apologies to Inter fans for recent results.

Argentinian stiker Icardi was involved in an altercation with the Nerazzurri fans after Sunday’s defeat at Sassuolo, but Mancini insists the youngster will learn.

“Icardi was wrong,” Mancio admitted in his Press conference ahead of the Coppa Italia tie with Napoli.

“The fans are the first to love a player, and the first to hold things against them. It happens everywhere, that’s fans.

“Things can quickly change if we start to do well. He made a mistake, but the important thing is he went back out [to apologise]. The fans will always be close to Inter.

“When you’re angry you can say things that you otherwise wouldn’t. Icardi is young, and he’ll learn. Whether he’s fined or not is down to the club.”

The Nerazzurri are on an awful run, having lost their last two Serie A fixtures, but Mancini insists the attitude of his team is not a problem.

“The general attitude is the right one. That doesn’t make the results ok, obviously I want to win, but the squad has the attitude of a great team.

“Unfortunately we’ve made the usual mistakes, technical ones, but the attitude isn’t the problem.

“You can talk about many things, we have to score goals and not concede them, keep the ball, don’t give our opponents chances… We’re trying to get there.

“I think the lads are doing a good job, it’s not fair to say that we don’t react to mistakes, in the second half against Sassuolo we did.

“There was a reaction in the second half, if we started games like that we’d win or draw.

“The players are giving it their all, I thank them for the second half but also the first 20 minutes.

“They have to keep going like that, but without making the errors. We’re working well in training, we’re all sorry and I understand the fans’ anger.

“I’m angry, I don’t like to lose games, but we’re trying to build something and it takes time.

“I knew there would be difficulties, I never thought we’d win every game. Changing the way you play [from a back three to a back four] is difficult.

“I’m asking the defenders to act one-on-one, not be reactive.

“The results don’t mean the choice is right or wrong, we’ve had a little bit of difficulty in changing, but the problem isn’t the commitment.

“We have to score goals and not concede them.”