Friday February 6 2015
‘Lavezzi difficult, not impossible. Toure…’

Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio says signing Ezequiel Lavezzi is ‘difficult’ but not impossible and discusses Yaya Toure.

It has been suggested the the French club have promised the Nerazzurri first refusal on the Argentine, and while Ausilio denies this, he doesn’t rule out a move.

“It’s not true, but he’s a player we’ve always liked,” the director told Inter Channel.

“There was a chance we could have gotten him before he went to PSG.

“I can’t discuss it, but the reality is that he plays for a big team and that leads to me to say it’s difficult.

“However, ‘impossible’ is a word which exists in football only in relation to Cristiano [Ronaldo] and [Lionel] Messi.”

Despite that, Ausilio did say that a move for Manchester City’s Yaya Toure is next to impossible for the Beneamata, despite Coach Roberto Mancini hinting he should come.

“Yaya Toure is a true great, but almost impossible [to sign]. We’re fortunate to have a Coach who spent a few years with him, so if there’s a chance through Mancini we’ll try, but at the moment it’s almost impossible.

“I can’t deny we’d like a player like him, but I also know that he’s at [Manchester] City. All we can say is that we like him, but we’re right on the edge of impossible and it would take something extraordinary.”