Saturday February 7 2015
Morata: 'I'm in love with Juve!'

Alvaro Morata believes Juventus and Serie A are “university for strikers,” while Max Allegri is “a bit Carlo Ancelotti and a bit Jose Mourinho.”

The ex-Real Madrid forward spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport about his first few months in Turin.

“I didn’t choose Italy, I chose Juventus. I don’t regret it one little bit,” enthused the Spain international.

“I step into the stadium, look around and everywhere there are pictures of the champions who passed through this club. Genuine legends. I am in a place where the history of football was made, so I can improve as a player here better than anywhere else.

“You Italians are too critical of Serie A. The greatest thing about it is how tactical the football is. Carlos Tevez often tells me that Italy is like university for strikers. He’s right, as here you become a real player in every aspect. This is a unique opportunity for me.

“I am truly in love with Juve and want to spend much of my career in the Bianconeri jersey. I also cannot forget Juve were the first to make concrete attempts to sign me. I wasn’t very happy at Madrid, as I didn’t have much room, but Juve immediately treated me like an important player.

“Juve’s strength is that we are a united group off the field as well as on it. It feels like a family with the more experienced players ready to give advice and encouragement.

“In that sense, Gigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo are exceptional, as they set the example of how to be a professional and are also great fun to have as teammates every day. They bring the best out of everyone in the locker room.”

There are reports Morata could start tonight’s big game against Milan rather than Fernando Llorente, but he insists there is no rivalry.

“I have always admired Fernando and consider him a real friend. If I am lucky with injuries, then from now on you can see the real Morata. I’ve always got better as the season went on and will also improve my goals tally. I could’ve netted a lot more by now.”

Ancelotti famously recommended a move to Turin – including restaurant suggestions – for the Real Madrid youth product. What has he learned from his Coaches?

“From Mourinho I learned ferocity. For him there was nothing other than victory. It doesn’t matter how, you just need to get the result: that is his obsession.

“Ancelotti is relaxed, but very focused on preparing for the game. He was kinder, but that doesn’t mean he was any less able to fire up the team. Let’s just say we needed him at Madrid after the Mourinho hurricane.

“Allegri? The Coach is a bit Mourinho and a bit Ancelotti. He’s very calm when needed, but at times you’ve never seen someone angrier. You can sense it on the pitch, that he’s fighting along with the team from the touchline.”