Tuesday February 17 2015
Parma players 'wait a few more days'

Parma captain Alessandro Lucarelli confirmed the players will “wait a few more days and trust the President.”

Nobody at the club has been paid since July 2014 and the deadline for wages was Monday, but it came and went.

New patron Giampietro Manenti assures the cheques have been given the all-clear, but red tape is holding up the money from his company in Slovenia.

This evening AIC (Players Association) President Damiano Tommasi met with the Parma squad to discuss their options and Lucarelli spoke to reporters after the encounter.

“We have decided to wait a few more days and trust the President. It is a decision we share with the AIC. We’ll wait to the end of the week to see if what they promised will actually happen.

“They need time to get the money through to us and of course everyone wants it to happen. Why not give them a few more days?

“We can see the club is working to keep their promises. All we have are the words of the President, who seems credible and eager, so we’ll give him a few more days of good faith.

“We are all united, sticking together. We waited so long and at a certain point we will take steps to protect our situation, but we hope that won’t be necessary. We await good news tomorrow.”

This morning Equitalia – the company that gathers tax contributions in Italy – arrived at the Parma headquarters to confiscate several minibuses.

“I have faith the new owners are trying to do things right. I hope we’re not wrong to believe that,” continued Lucarelli.

Parma will likely be docked five more points over unpaid wages and taxes, making it extremely unlikely they can avoid relegation.

“We can’t do anything about the points, but the most important thing is to save the club.”