Tuesday February 17 2015
Report: Creditors doom Parma

Although players held off legal action, it’s reported other creditors are putting Parma into administration.

The club is crippled by debt of around €97m and nobody has been paid since July 2014.

New patron Giampietro Manenti promised the money has been sent out, but there is some red tape holding it up past Monday’s deadline.

Players agreed today to hold off until the end of the week, but this evening Sport Mediaset and claim other creditors are going ahead with legal action.

It’s believed there will be a hearing on March 19 to discuss putting Parma FC into forced administration.

This morning Equitalia – the company responsible for collecting taxes and contributions for the Government – seized assets at the Collecchio training ground, including several vehicles.

Energy T.I. Group own 10 per cent of the club and confirmed they had taken steps to force administration too.