Wednesday March 4 2015
‘Insigne recovery miraculous'

Lorenzo Insigne's agent declares his return from injury 'borders on being incredible', and that the player will return 'stronger' than before.

Reports from Sky today confirm that the Napoli forward is finally fit to train, after spending four months side-lined to recover from knee surgery.

While many would call this a long break, his agent Fabio Andreotti is surprised by how quickly and how well the player got back to fitness.

“His surgeon, Prof. Mariani, said that Insigne's knee looks like it never underwent surgery at all,” he said to Radio Kiss Kiss.

“Even the muscle tone in the leg was not reduced. After today's visit, I'm certain we'll see him on the pitch with his teammates very soon.

“He trained twice a week, as part of a recovery program that never stopped, not even for Christmas. His recovery borders on being incredible, really.

“It's been a mere three months and twenty days since the injury, and Lorenzo proved over this time how keen he was on wearing these colours and playing with his team.

“In every bad experience there is something to be learnt from the future and I think Insigne will emerge from this stronger, both mentally and physically.”