Saturday March 21 2015
Donadoni: 'Ghirardi must pay'

Roberto Donadoni is “disgusted” by Parma’s bankruptcy and wants previous Presidents to join Giampietro Manenti in prison.

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The club was declared bankrupt on Thursday and placed under administration, while President Manenti was arrested this week for money laundering.

“The situation is tragi-comic,” said Coach Donadoni in his Press conference.

“After hearing for months that it was impossible for this to happen, we realise just how many lies were told to us. Now we must try to salvage something and the arrival of the administrators is a start.

“I find it difficult to regenerate the side in a sporting sense, but we will try to give our all to the end. I have tried and am still trying to do my duty. I owed it to the lads.

“As a person, this whole affair has been deeply disappointing. Perhaps I am someone who believes in a utopia, but it’s extremely irritating to acknowledge the world around us is made up of opportunities who thought about only their own personal interests.

“This hurt me deeply, it disgusted me and sapped me of energy. In any case, we must stay strong, go forward and fight this situation to ensure it never happens again.

“In all of this there are those who are guilty, but also those who are paying the consequences of damages created by people who are unworthy of being in the football or civilised world.”

Manenti was arrested for money laundering, but he took charge of the club only after previous patrons Tommaso Ghirardi and Rezart Taci had run Parma into the ground with debts of over €200m.

“Manenti was caught straight away and put in prison, which is where he belongs, but if we reached this point then there was a series of incidents that have to be analysed. Things cannot be allowed to just work like this.

“What would I say to Ghirardi and Pietro Leonardi? If I ever get the opportunity, I will say it face to face. Right now we have to ignore them, because we’ll get nothing out of them now, unfortunately. I will give my side of the story to those who are investigating it.”

Parma’s players are among the creditors and could negotiate a large discount or settlement on outstanding wages.

“We haven’t received €1 from the start of the season. We have to make sacrifices, that is not a problem. The money wasn’t the issue for the players.

“We will do everything we can to help save the club. I say with the same conviction that those who did wrong must pay a heavy price for this.

“There are no alibis for what happened. You put this city on its knees and it’s only right that you now pay the consequences.”

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