Friday March 27 2015
Palacio understands fan anger

Inter’s Rodrigo Palacio says he understands anger from fans, and says they must fight for the Scudetto next season.

The Nerazzurri are currently in 10th place in Serie A, and it looks unlikely that the club will even qualify for the Europa League, and the Argentinian understands the frustration from the stands.

However, the attacker echoed the words of Coach Roberto Mancini who believes the Beneamata can fight for the title next season.

“It’s normal that the fans are angry,” Palacio told Inter Channel.

“Inter should not be in mid-table. As for Europe, it just depends how many games we can win. We have to take as many points as possible and recover on that front.

We’re working toward building a great team and taking Inter back to the top.

“It will take time, because over this campaign we’ve seen that there’s something missing.

“We can’t fight for the title this year, but we’ll start next season with that as a goal. The Coach is right, and I’m convinced that we’ll do very well.

“It’s important for Inter to be competing for trophies. We have to try our best and attempt to win as much as possible.

The 33-year-old played last season and the World Cup with an ankle injury, and admits that it was a struggle to regain his form this term.

“It was a tough year for me, I was limping after every training session and every game, but I played in every game.

“I wasn’t worried by my lack of goals, but the ankle pain was difficult for me. Now my condition has improved a bit because I don’t feel the pain as much.

“I hadn’t stopped since the final of the World Cup, it was difficult for me to continue to train. I wasn’t playing well, but now I’m better and that’s important.

“My season now looks different, and I can play until the end of the campaign.

“I wanted to have surgery, but I held off and the results have given me reason for that. If you aren’t 100 per cent you can’t do your best, not even if you’re [Lionel] Messi.

“To do well you always have to be in top condition.”