Monday March 30 2015
'Inter, climb to world's top!'

Inter midfielder Hernanes calls fans to witness their 'climb to the top of the world', and says he can't wait to get back in the pitch.

The Nerazzurri went into the international break with a 1-0 defeat to Sampdoria, but their Brazilian playmaker sees no reason to complain.

“When you're chilled and in good shape you shouldn't moan about how things are going,” Hernanes has said, in an interview with Inter Channel.

“What happens, happens. If we have to wait before we get to play, then we will.

“We're in a good condition now. In fact, I'd like to invite the audience to come and witness the start to Inter's climb to the top of the world.

“The Coach [Roberto Mancini] made us work on the technical side of things. He wants us to reduce as far as possible our margin of error when passing, while keeping the right body stance as we defend space. This is the case during the offensive and defensive phase alike.

“Our conscience is clear, we're just waiting to get back in the pitch. We're getting ready to take Inter back to the heights, it's our target for this shirt.”

Il Biscione enjoyed a small game between the starters and the youth team, and Hernanes believes it will all work to their advantage in the end.

“During these days we have worked well, and very intensely. We're taking advantage of this period [the international break] to improve ourselves.

“The little friendly game on Saturday was productive. There were only a few of us, which made it hard to make use of the whole pitch.

“It was pleasant, too, but we kept a high pace. They [the Primavera] were good, it made for some nice training.”