Wednesday April 1 2015
Chinese investor enters Milan race?

Chinese billionaire Zong Qinghou is preparing an offer to purchase Milan over the course of a three-year plan, say reports.

As Thai investor Bee Taechaubol continues his due diligence into the Rossoneri's accounts, a new agent may have entered the race to buy at least a percentage share in the club.

According to the Corriere della Sera, the owner of Chinese beverage producer Hangzhou Wahaha Group Mr Zong, nicknamed 'Mr Cola' for his Future Cola drink, may present an offer to President Silvio Berlusconi in the next few days.

The plan would allegedly involve purchasing a minority share of the club as an initial move, with a view to acquiring 75 per cent of the shares within three years.

The Chinese investor is reported to be the 86th richest man in the world, with a personal patrimony estimated at $11.6 billion.

While the Corriere states that Taechaubol is still in pole to purchase a percentage of Milan, his disadvantage lies in having to convince a variety of Asian investors to provide the capital, while Mr Cola would be able to fund the purchase directly from his personal account.