Friday April 10 2015
Lotito: ‘This is Lazio's year’

President Claudio Lotito says he was always 'certain' Lazio would shine this year, while praising supporters: ‘You are our soul’.

The Biancocelesti have won their last seven Serie A games and battled their way to the Coppa Italia Final two days ago against Napoli.

Their President has now expressed all of his delight in a statement picked up by Lalaziosiamonoi.

“A few days after the beginning of the season I announced that this was going to be the year in which we turned our fortunes around, because I had faith from the very first day in a solid, ambitious project,” Lotito has declared.

“I was certain that the group was going to show its real value, because when you have potential, the hardest thing is to let it show.

“From this point of view, the work of Coach [Stefano] Pioli and the whole technical staff has been extraordinary. The lads showed continuity, humility, selflessness and determination.

“They found their identity and they confirmed their certainties. But today my most heartfelt statement of appreciation goes out to the Biancocelesti fans.

“The support they offered us at the Termini station before our departure and the party they improvised at Formello in the night represent one of our highest achievements to date.

“We restored our enthusiasm, which is our 12th man on the pitch. The supporters are our soul and I hope they'll be with us in the closing acts of this long season.

“We are on the right path to reach the objectives we set ourselves. Much has been done, but not everything.

“We must never lower our guard. Let us keep flying united and ever higher.”