Friday April 10 2015
Mexes: 'Milan, let me stay'

Philippe Mexes believes he still has 'a lot to give' for Milan, whilst admitting his team needs to work on 'conceding fewer goals'.

The French defender has been gradually working his way back into the Rossoneri's starting XI since the brawl that saw him sent off and disgraced in the game against Lazio, and he hopes this is only the beginning.

“My contract expires this summer and I wish to stay here a little bit longer, but it does not depend only on me,” he said, during a promotional Press conference held at the Milan Megastore.

“I'll try giving my all and then we'll see. But I do hope to stay, because I still have a lot to give for these colours.

“I always try to be involved but it's no easy task, because there are many of us. We're a crowded group and things aren't easy for us central defenders.

“But the important thing is that we all respect each other and that whoever plays gives their all for the team. There's competition, yes, but this is good for us.

“We've got to concede fewer goals. That's something to work on. We can score without too much effort but we've got to concede less if we're going to win our games.”

Mexes closed on a more personal note.

“This job is my passion. I want to have fun without thinking about anything else. I'm not bothered with money and contracts like those you find in other, richer leagues.”