Friday April 10 2015
'Why doesn't Hamsik play?'

Marek Hamsik's agent wonders at the lack of playing time given to the Napoli man, and is uncertain about Coach Rafa Benitez.

The 27-year-old's Coppa Italia semi-final against Lazio saw him playing his first full 90 minutes since the game against Udinese on February 8, a situation that is unusual for the Partenopei's captain.

His agent Juraj Venglos, interviewed by Radio Crc, couldn't help but wonder what happened.

“I don't know why Hamsik is often subbed off,” he said. “I must say that I saw him playing for the national team and I liked what he did.

“I'll say this again, I don't know why Benitez cuts his time short, but the important thing is that he plays.

“Though it must be said that you've got to be given playing time in order to develop the best physical condition and I can't figure out why he plays so little.

“I don't know what the player's mood is with regards to what's been happening over the last few weeks.”

Venglos was also asked whether there could be a rift between Hamsik and Benitez, but he seemed sceptical.

“Hamsik shows respect to all Coaches, he always has. I don't know if their relationship is fraught, but let's bear in mind that we're talking about an extremely respectful lad.

“Hamsik's future if Benitez stays? I don't know, Napoli's future will become clearer in the next two-three weeks and we'll discuss the situation.

“I may be able to come to Napoli before their [Europa League] game against Wolfsburg and have a chat with [President Aurelio] De Laurentiis.”

Finally, the agent was asked about the Azzurri's season as a whole.

“I don't know what's happening to them. I consider Napoli a strong team, but there's a profound difference between the Italian championship and the European cups.

“The Europa League is an important competition that the team can focus on. But the season can't really be considered a triumph.”