Friday April 17 2015
Agent: ’Del Piero could retire’

Alessandro Del Piero’s brother says he ‘can’t say’ whether or not the Juventus legend will be seen on the pitch again.

The forward is a free agent after leaving Indian side Dehli Dynamos, and despite rumours of a move to MLS, has yet to sign with a new club.

“Will we see Del Piero on the field again?” Stefano Del Piero, his agent, considered.

“I can’t say one way or the other. Right now he’s in the United States, continuing to gain experience abroad.

“He’s training, because he likes to stay in shape and to be ready for any call. Of course, in football there are many roles.

“He could be a player, a Coach or a consultant, there are many ways he can provide his experience in a fast-growing environment.

“Does he still feel like a footballer? The great champions always feel like footballers, even at 50.”