Monday April 20 2015
'Milan, Inter need Juve revolution'

Mino Raiola has called for a complete 'revolution' in Italian football, particularly Inter and Milan, and cites the example set by Juventus.

The agent has never been shy when making statements, even challenging Sepp Blatter's FIFA presidency, and he was no softer in today's interview with La Stampa when discussing the crisis of the Milanese teams.

“Milan and Inter need a revolution, and I mean a total one,” he said. “Football is a mirror of society. You look at football and you understand where you live.

“Our football is in the same condition as our country. And I'm talking generally - if we don't start a revolution, the way they did in Germany and Holland, we're not going anywhere.”

Raiola was even harsher when discussing Italian Football Federation President Carlo Tavecchio.

“Tavecchio is a disgrace, but the blame can't be placed on his shoulders alone.

“[Milan President Silvio] Berlusconi was the owner of this country. [Inter President Massimo] Moratti, if you look at his family, was the mayor of Milan.

“Neither of them managed to build a stadium for their teams – what does that tell you?

“In Italy we no longer have any Coaches. I've been saying that for three years, but nobody listens to me.

“They're used to privileging players who are experienced and old. In the countries where young players have been given a chance, they evolved. This system is flawed.

“On the other hand, Juventus are on a different planet. But we must be honest – this is a policy that was started by [Antonio] Giraudo and [Luciano] Moggi,” he said, in reference to the Bianconeri directors who were disgraced by Calciopoli.

“Juventus have an enormous advantage in spite of Calciopoli, which was only an Italian farce, an Italian scandal.

“They rebooted themselves brilliantly after that, like Napoli did after bankruptcy. Borussia Dortmund did the same.

“Today Juve are ahead of everyone in terms of organisation, stadium and revenue.

“Football by now is done by talking, not by playing. I mean the transfer market, which sometimes is even more important than football on the pitch. This is wrong, and it's FIFA’s fault for their transfer policies.

“Transfers should be open all year round, perhaps with the rule that you can't play for more than one team, or open for only one week.

“Instead it shuts down on September 1, which is ridiculous. Anyone who wants to reinforce their team will always wait until the last minute.”

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