Saturday April 25 2015
Inzaghi: 'I never expected this'

Pippo Inzaghi blasted Milan for their 2-1 defeat to Udinese. “I can only apologise to fans. I never expected this lack of desire.”

The Rossoneri were fortunate to just lose 2-1 at the Stadio Friuli, scoring with their only shot on target at the 88th minute.

“The objective is to earn our place at Milan. This was a bad performance and I was very, very angry at the attitude I saw tonight,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“There are no excuses tonight. In the other games Milan had always tried to fight, but this time I saw nothing. It looked like Udinese were playing a Champions League Final compared to us.

“I can only apologise to the fans. Thankfully we’ll be playing again in a few days and we must wipe this performance from the memory as soon as possible.

“When a team plays like this, the first person responsible is the Coach. We have to roll our sleeves up, do well on Wednesday against Genoa and try to end this season in a dignified manner.

“We had done some good things for our last nine games, losing only once, and I never expected such a complete lack of desire, strength or intent.

“We were fortunate to end the first half on 0-0 and during the break I tried to tell the players they had the wrong approach.

“Perhaps after the derby a light went off and such an important fixture took something out of us, even though I’ve been telling the squad since Tuesday not to underestimate Udinese.

“Until today we’ve always had the right attitude in training and during the games. Today it was just wrong on every level. I will try to understand what caused it, as without the right attitude you’re going to lose.

“If I could’ve made 10 substitutions at half-time, then I would’ve done. I have little else to say. We are Milan and cannot embarrass ourselves with a performance like this.”

Has the constant talk about a takeover from Thai or Chinese investors distracted the team?

“The club is close to me, the President called beforehand and I am sorry for him and our fans, who stood by us despite the difficulties.

“When you are wearing the Milan jersey, you have to give something more than this. It was the only game of the season with an attitude like this. I would be seriously worried if we did it again with Genoa, but I’m convinced that won’t happen.”