Tuesday April 28 2015
Inzaghi: ‘Milan must bounce back’

Milan Coach Filippo Inzaghi says his side must ‘make up for a bad game against Udinese’ when they meet Genoa.

The Rossoneri take on the Grifone tomorrow having fallen to 10th in Serie A, and the under-fire tactician is calling for his players to show a response.

“The best answer we can give is on the field,” Inzaghi said in an interview with Milan Channel.

“We have to make up for a baf game against Udinese. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to do so at San Siro.

“Every player must give a little more, I’m angry because the team didn’t give everything in Udine. As long as there’s hope we’ll play until the end.

“We have to play with heart, and with respect for the people who come to see us. We have to give a good response tomorrow.

“Genoa are having a great season, they’re a team which can compete with anyone.

“A lot depends on ourselves, we’ve shown that we can play against anyone. Udine was just a random episode, and there will be a reaction.

“The nice thing after Udine is that we can play straight away. We’re all together, and we have a good chance.”