Thursday May 7 2015
ADL: 'UEFA want Napoli out!'

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis blasted the “worthless” Europa League and implied Michel Platini wants Sevilla to win.

The 1-1 draw with Dnipro in the Europa League semi-final first leg was an upset at the Stadio San Paolo, above all because the goal should’ve been disallowed for offside.

“I am absolutely furious,” steamed De Laurentiis in the Press room after the game.

“It was offside. They want to give importance to a tournament that is worthless. We go through it because it gives us an opportunity to qualify for the Champions League at the end.

“In the semi-final you cannot appoint a six-pack of officials who are incapable of handling a game. Platini made a disastrous impression. He’ll think about it in the dark of his room in Nyon.

“Perhaps he’s had his day, perhaps it’s best if he leaves. If someone has to organise a competition without being able to guarantee a decent referee, then it’s unacceptable.

“I cannot criticise my lads, because they gave their all, but if Dnipro have the referee on their side... it means Napoli are irritating to some and that the Europa League must go to Spain and Sevilla again.

“Just say that’s what you want and we’ll step aside, as we don’t like being taken for a ride. If Platini wants to govern, he is welcome, but he must do it with the wisdom of a monarch.

“He can’t bring out these doubts. He could’ve organised the refereeing better. I saw Nicola Rizzoli in the Champions League yesterday, while we got Moen. Who is he, have you ever heard of him? Is he important? Is he even qualified?

“Dear Platini, pray that you improve. It might not help our pockets to go out of the Cup, I say sweet dreams Platini.”