Sunday May 10 2015
Donadoni: 'Shameful Napoli'

Roberto Donadoni said Gonzalo Higuain and Napoli director Riccardo Bigon used “disgusting phrases” after a 2-2 draw with Parma.

There was real tension after the final whistle at the Stadio Tardini, as Higuain had to be dragged away as he exchanged insults with goalkeeper Antonio Mirante.

It’s also reported that in the tunnel director Bigon got into a row with Parma player Daniele Galloppa.

“I was there and I heard what was said after the game,” Donadoni told Sport Mediaset.

“Having people tell us we should lose just because we’re bankrupt and already relegated is disgusting and shameful.

“It wasn’t just Higuain, but a few others said the same on the field during the game. When you hear something like that from a director, though, it’s a real tragedy.

“This is all incredible. I don’t want to name names, as if I have something to say to these people, I’ll do it to their faces.”

Despite being doomed to Serie B – or being wiped off the football map – Parma have put together some great results in recent weeks, beating leaders Juventus and holding Napoli.

“What does the future hold? Only God knows,” continued Donadoni. “For now the squad has taken a 75 per cent cut in the money owed.

“We fought hard and held our heads against Napoli. That’s the important thing.”

Napoli released a statement. “All the protests at the final whistle were exclusively based on the continual time-wasting. None of these protests had anything to do with Parma’s effort, which obviously was impeccable.”