Sunday May 10 2015
Hernanes: 'Take that, Lotito!'

Hernanes explained his backflip and Inter brace was revenge for Lazio President Claudio Lotito’s criticism.

The Prophet was jeered loudly by the Stadio Olimpico crowd when scoring both goals in the 2-1 result against his former club.

“It was the saddest backflip of my career. I didn’t want to upset or disrespect the Lazio fans, but I had to do it for Lotito,” the midfielder told Sky Sport Italia.

“A while back Lotito said a bit too much. I was on the bench at the time and he said he’d got a bargain by selling me. I really didn’t appreciate that.

“It’s not my style, but I really wanted to score these goals and see if Lotito still felt the same way about me. The backflip was for him.”

Hernanes also said he wanted to send a message to the Nerazzurri supporters.

“Inter fans would stop me in the street and ask why I was better playing for Lazio. I believe I’m better now and I wanted to prove it!”