Monday May 11 2015
Hernanes sorry for celebration

Inter playmaker Hernanes has apologised to Lazio fans for using his trademark somersault celebration after scoring against his former club on Sunday evening.

The Brazilian international scored twice in a heated 2-1 win for the Nerazzurri in which the Aquile had two men controversially sent off.

The celebration infuriated many of the Lazio supporters who saw it as a sign of disrespect, and Hernanes took to Facebook to clarify his intentions.

“I want to apologise to all the Lazio fans because if I had known beforehand that my somersault would be interpreted as a lack of respect for you, I would never have done it!”

The midfielder said after the match that the celebration was intended as a gesture of defiance towards Lazio President Claudio Lotito.

“There was a reason and I have already said what it was! But perhaps it was not so noble! Okay, pride sometimes leads you to do things that even you don’t understand!

“But I am sure of one thing - I have never lacked respect for you, even when you whistled at me when I was still wearing the shirt of Lazio and wasn’t playing so well! And it wasn’t now either, when I did something like this!

“And if you look closely I didn’t celebrate when I scored against you in San Siro, I didn’t celebrate when I scored the second goal yesterday and even the somersault was a sad somersault without any joy! But I repeat - please excuse me and I am so sorry for what happened!”