Monday May 18 2015
FFP rules to relax

UEFA are reportedly set to relax their Financial Fair Play rules in a move that could potentially impact on Inter, Roma and Milan.

The Nerazzurri and Giallorossi were fined by UEFA and handed squad limitations for next season earlier this month after breaching FFP rules.

The potential takeover of Milan could also be affected by a change in regulations, which as they stand would limit the amount any new owner could invest.

The European Clubs’ Association has campaigned for a change in the system and ITV have reported that an announcement will be made in June regarding the easing of the rules.

UEFA President Michel Platini defended the current regulations but explained that many clubs feel hard done by under these restrictions.

"The world is two-faced but we will say this openly: I think we'll ease things, but it will be the executive committee who will decide if it is to be eased or something

like that, and the outcome will be known by the end of June,” he said to French radio station RTL.

"I think the regulations have been very good and it is the clubs who voted for FFP.

"But the French press say it is not right that (Chelsea owner Roman) Abramovich can buy many players and in France they cannot buy them.

“However, if the Qataris had bought AC Milan, the French would also say we should make financial fair play even tougher. As it is, the Italians wanted it eased."