Tuesday May 19 2015
Chiellini: 'Juve always hungry'

Giorgio Chiellini explained why it’s “impossible” for Juventus to be sated and has “no problem” with Luis Suarez.

The Bianconeri go into the Coppa Italia Final with Lazio tomorrow night, then face Barcelona in the Champions League on June 6.

“We are so proud to be in this position after everything we’ve been though,” said the defender in his Press conference.

Since Juve were last in the Champions League Final 12 years ago, they’ve been demoted to Serie B and climbed back up.

“We were talking about this with Gigi Buffon and Claudio Marchisio. We’ve been through so much that it’s wonderful and right that we should enjoy a game like this.

“I still remember playing against Rimini, Frosinone, Crotone… now we’re in two Finals and those experiences represent further motivation.”

Chiellini was asked if Juve risked getting ‘bored’ with success in Italy.

“That’s impossible, as I was here for six years without winning anything. None of it was easy, there were moments when we had to pull the best out of ourselves.

“The important thing is to never lose the hunger to win that allowed us to reach these targets. When you feel that sensation of victory, you want to experience it again at all costs.

“We did well to push each other on over the years to ensure we never rested on our laurels. I think this was more down to the people in the team than what they are like as players, and it has been our great strength.”

Chiellini will be up against Barcelona forward Luis Suarez, who famously bit him on the shoulder during a 2014 World Cup tie between Italy and Uruguay.

Marchisio was very harshly sent off in that tie, which ended the Azzurri’s tournament in Brazil.

“It has been a week since we eliminated Real Madrid and people only ask me about Suarez,” laughed the defender.

“I have no problems with him. I will mark him the way I did Karim Benzema or any other striker, so there’s nothing different about it.

“The only think that disappointed me that time was going out of the World Cup.”