Thursday May 21 2015
‘Juve? Donsah would jump for joy’

Godfred Donsah’s agent denies Juventus have bought his client, and reveals interest from Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City.

It has been rumoured today that the Cagliari midfielder has been purchased by the Bianconeri, and will be sent out on loan next season to develop.

Speaking to Tuttomercatoweb, the 18-year-old’s agent denied a deal had been done, and revealed interest from Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool.

“I also read the news,” Olivier Arthur admitted when asked about the rumours.

“I have to say, I haven’t yet spoken with Cagliari and Juventus.

“I’ve read inflated figures [€6m] for a lad who is 18 and has 20 Serie A appearances. That said, the player would jump for joy if Juventus bought him.

“However, it must be said, that as things stand there has been no official contact.

“Arsenal, [Manchester] City and Liverpool have expressed an interest, but again, there’s nothing official.”